What is compounding?

In the early days of pharmacy, all prescriptions were “compounded.” Pharmacists hand-created individual drugs and dosages for each patient when they were prescribed by doctors. In the early twentieth century, the pharmaceutical industry began mass producing drugs and then need for compounding diminished.

Since the late 1900s, medicine has changed significantly and the need for customizing prescriptions for patients through compounding has risen again. Between the growing needs of Home Health Care, new therapeutic approaches, and drug shortages, the mass-producing pharmaceutical industry is no longer able to keep up with the needs of America’s patients.

Compounding allows us to tailor each prescription to meet the unique needs of the patient. Whether we are changing the form of the medication to suite the patient’s needs or adding flavor to help a child feel better, we take pride in knowing we are helping to improve the quality of life for our patients. Please contact Doctors Specialty Pharmacy for more information.